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1xBet Bonus Points For Placed Bets


1xBet Bonus Points For Placed Bets Receive bonus points for all bets made on 1xBet regardless of whether the bet won or lost!

Make your first deposit on the 1xBet website and earn an unlimited cashback bonus. For each bet you make you will receive bonus points that can be used in many website games or can be converted into funds on your main betting account.

How to get your bonus
1. Create a new account.
Create an account on 1xBet using your desktop or mobile device. Sign-up will only take a few minutes. Don’t forget to save your username and password.
2. Confirm your account
Follow the link that will be sent to your e-mail address. We do not require any other types of verification.
3. Deposit any amount.
The funds will be credited to your account within a few minutes. A bonus points account will automatically be opened for you.


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